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The Beacon Marketplace

The legacy Marketplace features 230+ Christian blogs & sites. Perfect for more tightly defined campaigns targeting niche Christian audiences. Offers both CPM & Monthly Sponsorships.
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The NEW Beacon SSD

The New Self-Serve Direct portal offers simple access to ad inventory on flagship Christian sites. Featuring larger Christian audiences & impression avails, sold on a CPM basis.

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The NEW Beacon SSD gives you direct access to these Premiere Christian Publishers:

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The Gospel Coalition

With over 4M available monthly ad impressions, TGC gathers believers who take their faith seriously. Featured bloggers include Justin Taylor, Kevin DeYoung, Trevin Wax, Melissa Kruger, D. A. Carson, Thabiti Anyabwile and more.

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Blue Letter Bible

This premiere online Bible study site has over 12M available monthly ad impressions. BLB reaches people dedicated to in-depth study of God's Word (in English, Greek, Hebrew, and other translations).

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Christianity Today

Featuring over 1M available monthly ad impressions, Christianity Today has cultivated a loyal audience of intellectually curious and devoted Christians, who influence the church, their community, and the broader culture to the glory of God.


The point of Blog & Mablog is pretty broad — “All of Christ for all of life.” In order to make that happen, we need “theology that bites back.”

Cold Case Christianity

A Christian apologetics website that offers answers for seekers who are questioning the existence of God, while providing evidence to believers who want to share the truth of the Gospel.

BibleMemory offers over 1 million monthly ad impressions, reaching a broad range of committed Christians, including pastors, teachers, home-schoolers and anyone with a deep love for God's Word.

For the last decade, Christian advertisers have been successfully placing their own ad buys in the Beacon Marketplace, accessing the Christian audiences of over 200 unique faith-based bloggers and writers.

With the addition of the NEW Beacon Self-Serve Direct portal, advertisers and agencies can now place larger buys on Beacon’s bigger Christian sites much more efficiently, enabling them to deploy campaigns with greater scale and at a faster pace.

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