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Our Publisher Solutions

4 excellent reasons to join Beacon Ads.

Free to Join

It doesn’t cost you anything to get started. We’re in this together, and Beacon only makes money when you make money. We have a flat 30% commission fee. This fee comes with customer support, access to our expert consulting on pricing and ad placement, and inclusion in our directory browsed by thousands of advertisers.

Full Control

Most ad networks take control of your ad space. They use restrictive terms, only allow certain ad sizes, don’t let you approve each ad on your website. With Beacon, you determine your own ad sizes, placement and pricing. We’re transparent and you retain control over everything. If you have questions, feel free to email us.

Quality Advertisers

There is no reason to have ads on your site that you do not like. Your readers deserve better. Other ad companies force you to advertise things that are random and sometimes embarrassing. You deserve better. It is your site and reputation, so take control of the content. Beacon allows you to only display ads that you approve. Since advertisers will choose to advertise specifically on your site, ads will be more targeted and appropriate for your audience.


Use your time and energy on what you enjoy about your site—creating new content and growing your user community and traffic. Beacon allows you to run an advertising campaign with very little effort. It also makes you an easy web property for advertisers to deal with by providing them with instance payment transactions and always-live ad performance. Trust us, the easier it is to advertise on your site, the more advertising you will receive.
Specially crafted software and services for publishers who are serious about monetization. Getting up and running is simple. Get ready to optimize your sales and increase your revenues.
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